16 team league, SF contract IDP (NFL salary cap). I'm in the playoff race but need reinforcements if I want to have a chance. I'm sending: Goedert (3yrs/13.1mill) and N. Bosa (4yrs/17.1mill) (also own Hutch and Phillips so I'm not that bad) and a 2024 1st (right now around 10 to 12 range) 2024 3rd. In return I receive: Waddle (2yrs/20mill) (extension would be 15% increase) and McBride (3/6.5) and J. Carter (4/1.7)

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10-man dynasty w IDP (start 2DL/2LB/2DB), 5 rd rookie draft with auction for FAs.

I'm in a position to win this year and hopefully set up well for the next couple years with really strong offense under contract. But my DB position is in an ugly place - picked up Dax Hill earlier this year and a revolving door otherwise.

My question is essentially: what rookie pick price are you willing to pay for one of the top tier DBs in Adam's dynasty ranks and, outside of those top names, are there any other guys in the DB 5-12 range you think especially worth targeting as a guy to hopefully be able to start week in week out in a run for the 'ship.

Thanks y'all. You're the best

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I traded away Quay Walker for a 2024 1st (should be top 3)and Zach Ertz (2 days before he hit IR)

Solo tackles 3pts

Int 6pts

Pd 2.5

Points for yards on Int and fumble recovery.

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Traded Oluokun and a 2024 5th for Nick Bolton and a 2024 4th.

24 team league

13 roster spots, 1 IR slot

7 starters (QB, RB, WR/TE, DE/DL, LB, CB/S, and 1 at any position)

Up to 3 Keepers at 3 year maximum ownership, ownership status transfers when traded

You can extend to a 4th year but then lose other two keeper spots

At end of season, the 13 players on team are ranked by their full season points, that rank determines the draft pick round you forfeit to keep the player

Oluokun is in 3rd year, Bolton in 1st year

I wasn't planning to extend Oluokun to 4th year and lose my other two keeper spots. Bolton being out two months means his keeper spot will be well below 2024 value (he was a picked in the 1st round this season, the league scoring favors top defenders). This is my first season in the league, as you see the learning curve with strategy can be steep.

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16 team dynasty big 3 scoring. Start 3 LBs and a flex.

Gave Jaleel McLaughlin and Xavier McKinney for Bobby Wagz.

Match B Wagz with Mosley and Foye

Still deep at RB and have Derwin, K Ham and Harrison Smith at safety.

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