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Got a 25 1st for Branch and Nwosu

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Hey guys - Second season of Superflex plus IDP. We start 9 offensive players and 6 IDPs (2 LB, 2 DB, 2 flex). 12 teams, each with two keepers.

Left the draft with N Bolton, B Wagner, D Greenlaw, K Curl, G Delpit, and M Garrett. Felt solid.

With bigger lineups and a small bench, bye weeks are a nightmare… Week 5 had 3 of my 6 players on bye (Garrett, Wagner, and Delpit).

Pre-Week 1, I traded Grant Delpit straight up for Kyle Hamilton. Felt like a good like for like decision at the time, but boy I need Hamilton to start impacting the game a bit more. Fingers crossed.

Question: Should I walk away from trading forever or just wait for Hamilton to ball out?

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Hey guys... listening to the pod content each week while I mow the lawn LOL. Love it. 2 trades.

Productive struggle. 2024 picks = 3x1sts, 3x2nds, 2x3rds&4ths.

12 team superflex, start 11 + IDP start 3 DL, 4 LB, 4 DB.

1) Received: Jamaar Chase, Jack Campbell, Will Anderson. Traded: Deshaun Watson, JSN, Charbonnet.

2) Received Charbonnet (yep got him back.. lol). Traded: XMcKinney, K. Thibodeaux, I. Abanikanda. Then picked up Julian Blackmon (ur flag plant) and Kenneth Murray from waivers immediately.

IDP Players of note:

DL = A.Hutch, J. Phillips, Z Collins, (W. Anderson)

LB = G. Pratt, Q. Walker, T. Andersen, E. Jones, B. Asamoah, (J. Campbell), (K. Murray)

DB = C. Gardner-Johnson, A. Winfield, A. Cisco, (J. Blackmon)

Offence of Note:

QB=A Rich, K. Pickett

RB= D. Achane, (Z. Charbonnet)

WR= J. Addison, Q.Johnson, Rashee Rice, N Collins, (J. Chase) (crazy that Nico is a "player of note"... who knew? lol

TE = D. Kincaid

Maybe this is too long for the pod... lol... but any thoughts / input is appreciated.

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Moved Zaven Collins and Odafe Oweh for what will probably be an early to mid 2nd in a 16 team dynasty league that I used to trade for Alvin Kamara. Drafted Kendre Miller in rookie draft. Feels good to have the pair. Picked up Jermaine Johnson to replace Oweh and just sort of out on Zaven. He’s not edge eligible in our league until next season.

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What are we paying in draft capital for DT DeMarvin Leal in a high scoring DT league?

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