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12 team SuperFlex, IDP

gametight gets:

Malik Willis QB TEN (rank: 71-908)

CeeDee Lamb WR DAL (rank: 1-15-WR1)

Ainias Smith WR PHI

Young Al's Bucks gets:

James Cook RB BUF (rank: 11-49-RB16)

Ray Davis RB BUF

Garrett Wilson WR NYJ (rank: 30-103-WR8)

2026 1st round pick 1.5 #5 (ROADKILL31'..)

2027 2nd round pick 2.4 #16 (gametight)

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12 team SuperFlex (TE Pem), IDP (Sack 4 pts, Force funball 4 pts, QB Hit 1pt)

Trade away Myles Garret for Travis Kelce? My best TE is Pat Freiermuth, and I also have Nick Bosa, Karlaftiss and Jermaine Johnson

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Hey JoluGax! We enlisted Professor IDP's help breaking this one down. Here's what he said: Garrett for Kelce seems fair on both sides but give me Kelce. Offense (particularly TE) is more scarce than IDP so if I have to trade elite for elite, give me the elite offensive weapon. The only caveat to this is that I don’t know your roster settings. If you start 10 offensive players and 5 IDP (like one of my leagues), this becomes even more of a slam dunk for the Kelce side. If you start 11/11 (and have deep benches) it gets a lot more level but I would still lean Kelce. If the imbalance is towards IDP such as start 6 offense and 11 IDP, this becomes a much more difficult question.

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Thank you!

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16 Team Dynasty, Single QB, IDP

Traded AJ Brown and my 7.3


JSN, 1.13 (drafted Trey Benson), 4.13 (drafted Bralen Trice), and 8.13 (drafted Jaylx Hunt)

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Hey Albert! Professor IDP helped us break this one down. Here's his analysis: Not so sure about this one. For offensive pieces I like to look at FantasyPros dynasty ECR. The consensus is that you traded WR7 (OVR10) for WR26 (OVR53) RB16 (OVR59). I like Trice and you got him at a good value with 4.13 (he is my #50 overall rookie) but I don’t know if that is enough to close the gap all of the way. If you have James Conner on your roster and are win-now, were stacked at WR beyond Brown where you could afford to lose him, or are starting a rebuild I like this more for you.

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Looking to get younger but still feel with my lineup, I can compete this year.


Benson, Trey

Brown, Chase

Chandler, Ty

Chestnut, Julius

Corum, Blake

Gibbs, Jahmyr

Gore Jr., Frank

Hull, Evan

Pacheco, Isiah

Tracy, Tyrone

Vidal, Kimani


Austin III, Calvin

Bateman, Rashod

Campbell, Parris

Flournoy, Ryan

Jefferson, Van

Nabers, Malik

Peoples-Jones, Donovan

Reed, Jayden

Ross, Justyn KCC

Samuel, Deebo SFO

Smith-Njigba, Jaxon

Williams, Mike

Wilson, Michael

Barno, Amare

Burns, Brian

Fowler, Dante

Green, Rasheem

Houston, James

Hunt, Jalyx

Landry, Harold

Odeyingbo, Dayo

Trice, Bralen

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12 Team Superflex IDP (IDP scoring is tackle & big play weighted)

Puka Nacua - Wandale Robinson - EJ Speed


Rome Odunze - Jermain Burton - Troy Anderson- Kyzir White - Trenton Simpson

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Hi Akin! We had Professor IDP weigh in on this one, here was his take: I am much lower than most on Puka, have already largely given up on Wandale, and as much as I like EJ speed for 2024, he will be a free agent just shy of 30 when March 2025 rolls around. Give me the youth and draft capital invested in Odunze, Burton tied to a high powered offense, Anderson in tackle factory in ATL (if he wins the job back), a likely green dot guy in White, and a potential second-year breakout in Simpson. While the sky is the limit with Puka, it’s hard to imagine his value going up any more so this is a great time to see if you want to cash out and this is the haul that would do it for me.

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Awesome insight! Exactly what I was looking for! Ended up accepting the deal and feeling 1,000% better now!!! 🙏

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Love to hear it!

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14 Team SF TEP 1.5, Big play pt bonuses, pt per 1st down

6pt sack

2pt solo tackle, 1pt assist, 3pt TFL

6pt int, 3pt pass def

1. Send: Travis Etienne

Receive: Rhamondre Stevenson + Travis Kelce

2. Send: Jonathan Brooks + '25 1st

Receive: CMC + Jaelan Phillips

3. Send: Jalen Pitre

Receive: '25 3rd (Early-Mid)

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Gentleman, thanks for the input on the show.

Trade 1 hasn't happened yet. Would you still do it if Njoku is my starting TE?

Luke Musgrave is my only other TE

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It's a fair trade and makes sense in TEP. Njoku as my starting TE would make me want to grab a better option, too.

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No Position Left Behind IDP Scoring, 84 teams (6 player copies so functions like 14), 5 IDP positions, start 11 IDP, promotion/relegation so 2025 pick ranges are known

Give - 2025 2nd (effectively 2.08-2.10)

Get - 2025 3rd (effectively 3.01-3.03), CJ Gardner-Johnson (CB designation), Budda Baker

Secondary was rough coming into the draft and waivers are picked pretty clean. CJ replaces Asante Samuel and Budda replaces Rayshawn Jenkins as projected starters for me.

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- 10-team Dynasty, Superflex, PPR, 12 Off. (2 TE but no distinct TE scoring), 12 Def., 29 bench, 8 IR

- PPR, Tackle Heavy-ish format - 3pt solo, 0.5pt assisted, 2pt TFL, 3pt sack, 2pt QB hit (e.g., solo sack = 10pts; ast. sack = 6). Let me know if more scoring info is needed.

- Draft ~Aug2024


Christian Kirk, WR, Jax

Grant Delpit, S, Clv

1.06 (2024)

[Sky Moore dropped]


David Montgomery, RB, Det

Travis Kelce, TE, KC

5.07 (2024)

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Dynasty league

12 team

Non ppr

1 pt tackle

1/2 pt assist

5 pt int

4 pt sack

1pt pb

-4 pt qb sack

$189 salary cap and 88 years

32 man roster

2 TE premium

11 starters on offense

11 starters on Defense

22 Psquad drafted rookies only with no cap hits unless activated

Defensive players $ value is total projected points divided by 15. Defenders are the most expensive and put up the most points. My league IDP rules the set.

We also use a formula to extend players and give a discount on salary but leave the discount in the contract as guaranteed money. If you extend 4 years it’s a 25% discount off the price of the player, 3 years 20%, 2 years 15% and if you extend for only a year there’s no discount. If you drop that player before the contract is done, you eat that money off your salary cap. Prices for offensive players are pre determined by football analysts average costs and defense is always changing Projected total of Year / 15

During the season you add YtD + Projections/15

All offense waivers are a minimum of $1 we do use Faab to bid and that’s the cost of the player.

I was up against my cap after our in person auction. I picked up some young pieces for $1 each. I won more than I wanted the guys I gave up in the trade were clogging roster as I have stud DL depth. Crosby, Greenard, karloftis, Jermaine Johnson, Hubbard, burns

My lb core : edwards, Ernest jones, Luvu, Campbell (practice squad) Anderson

Dbs hamilton, James, Blackmon, curl

Proposed a trade to acquire Brock Purdy, for 2 reasons I have A.Rodgers on a 1 year $5 deal, Carr on a 1 -$1, Fields in a 3 year $5 per year with $2 guaranteed. I can’t drop anyone of these guys. With the big bye week taking the Jets and Saints off the field, I’ll have to hope Fields is starting by then… not a fan.

Second reason is I have CMC he’s on a 4 year $22 per year with $9 guaranteed.

Purdy is a 5 year $2 no G$ contract

I won the championship last season. So here’s the deal.

I gave up:

Jordan Davis on a 1-1-G$1

Dorian Williams on a 1-1-G$1

Robert Spillane on a 2-$12-G$2

And 24’s 12th overall pick

I received

Brock Purdy 5-$2 contract

‘24 3rd

‘25 3rd

My offense after the trade

Qb Purdy

Qb fields

Qb Rodgers

Qb Carr

Rb CmC

Rb Jacobs

Rb b.robinson (was)

Rb zeke

Wr olave

Wr London

Wr doubs

Wr Wilson

Wr Samuel

Te andrews

Te kittle

Te Mayers

My psquad

QB Aiden O’Connell

QB Stetson Bennett

RB McBride

Rb Rodriguez JR

Wr brownlee

Db s.brown

Db skinner

LB Campbell

LB Simpson

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I feel like I could write a second dissertation on the economy of this league! Based on what I've read here is how I see the trade from both sides and my ultimate opinion.

You lose some IDP depth but they are in places you are already solid and/or have high potential pieces on your PS. Plus, swapping Spillane's contract for Purdy's is a huge win. I would say you are in a better position to repeat as champion after this move not just because your team is better but also since you have more cap flexibility now.

That said, if the other owner is in a rebuild, it makes some sense on that end too since they pick up two young and cheap IDP and another piece in Spillane that they can move to a contender for more youth/capital (plus 1.12 this year which could be a nice player or flipped for more rebuilding).

Still, in a league such as yours, I would much rather have Purdy than 3 IDP and a late 1st. The thirds you got back put it over the top for me since they'll help you churn your PS and there is a ton of great developmental talent in the 3rd of most drafts this year and getting IDP rookies seems to be the way in this league since their 1st year projections are usually very low meaning they will be great values.

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Great! Thank you for the review and your time. I appreciate it.

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Mike, this is one of the most insane league setups I've ever seen (said as a total compliment lol). It's a little too much contextually for us to cover on the show, so we're calling in our resident degenerate trade expert Scott Soltis (AKA Professor IDP) to look this one over and give feedback. Thanks for sending it in!

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What’s a good email to send the rule book over to, I would love for you guys to take a peak! I think if you’re into dynasty you will never come across a league like this one. I would be happy to share with my favorite IDP guys

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For sure! Send that to us at big3idp@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Sent it over. It took me 3 years to find 11 committed owners to fill this league! Enjoy the read

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10 team Dynasty contract league. I have Bobby Okereke with only 1 year left on his contract, so I’ll lose him to FA after this season. I have a trade offer straight up for Nick Bolton. I can reassign contract years after the trade.

Tackles 1 pt, Assists 0.5, Sacks 3, INTs 3.

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Scott, can you explain the "reassign contract years" part of this deal? Are you saying you can give Bolton the contract Okereke has, meaning you're swapping Okereke for Bolton and both expire after this year? Or would Bolton have some years left on his deal?

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If I trade for Bolton, I can assign how many years I want to him. I have 100 years to assign to my 40 man roster and must stay under it each year.

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Oh gotcha, that makes sense. What would be your intention with Bolton? Give him some additional years?

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Yes correct so I can hold onto him for a couple more years.

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12 team

Made 3 trades over the last couple months..Mighta overpaid but feel these guys are the depth final pieces for A run this year.

Trade 1

Gave up my 2025 first for Jack campbell(5 years left on contract)(I live in Detroit area)

Trade 2

Gave up another 2025 first and two 2025 seconds for

Fred Warner(can resign for 4 more years) and Drake Maye(signed for 6 years)

Trade 3

Gave up luke musgrave and a 2025 second for kyle Hamilton..Hamilton is resign able for 4 more years

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Hey Michael, is this a superflex league?

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This is a 1 qb league 4 point passing .5ppr

Start 9 def

2-5 dt de

2-5 lb

2-5 cb,saf

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