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I’m starting up a 12 man salary dynasty on RSO. IDP. Will start the auction whenever I fill the league.

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$20 SF League with IDP. Owe for 24. Team has the 9th draft slot and only its 4th round pick.

QB: Goff, Geno

RB: Barkley, McCaffrey, James Cook, Chubb

WR: Adams, Godwin, OBJ

TE: Freiermuth

DL: Watt, Chris Jones, Buckner, Derick Brown

LB: Luvu, Bernard, Dodson

DB: Curl, Moore, Diggs, Howard, Julian Love


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Dynasty (light devy) Startup 🏟️

* 12 teams, best ball (Sleeper)

* Superflex, IDP. 24 devys drafted in startup, 2 devy rounds yearly

* $110 for 24 + 25 due to join. $55 per year after. Funds on Leaguesafe

* 3RR startup - Derby to pick draft slots

* Slow draft will begin Memorial Day Weekend

Pay to secure your team. Spots will not be held without payment. Leaguesafe link pinned on Sleeper chat

Bylaws: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1a8pIvPPtZ69LchXdiebv9l9kll-og8hnGSRQ-JZPyWo/mobilebasic

Sleeper: http://sleeper.com/i/jNlYNOYNw23o

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2 spots left | Dynasty startup | 20tm | IDP | Rolling bankroll | Fantrax | $30


All TEs are also QB eligible.

I've been commishing both redraft and dynasty for about a decade (my longest-running dynasty is going into its 10th season), and this is my first auction-only, rolling bankroll league. Please read the charter if you think you may want in. It's long, but the league has a lot of quirks you should be aware of before joining. Very custom scoring and lots of way to earn, spend, or lose bankroll (FAAB/auction) dollars.

We've got weekly bankroll payouts, lump sum bankroll payouts, a mulligan rule, taxi raiding, taxes, public trade counters, bankroll payouts for snitching on roster violations, bankroll bets on NFL win totals/Super Bowl winners, DFS bankroll wagers, postseason DFS contests for additional bankroll dollars, additional bankroll dollars for beating teams with better records, and a flex-scheduled double-header week.

Let me know if you're game after reading through or if you have any questions. $30 through Fantrax Treasurer.

Startup auction will be done on League Tycoon after the NFL draft because they do such a great job with their slow auction setup on mobile app, but the league will be played out on Fantrax.

Charter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cZ9keNhW1CXUl5CchBWC-uBMwXlE6h4WZl7loA00SLk/edit?usp=drivesdk

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Realdynasty Next Gen (1 open spot): https://www47.myfantasyleague.com/2024/home/18162#0

- 16 Team SF, TE Premium, IDP League

- 60 man roster with 10 taxi squad spots

- 20 starters: 1-2 QB, 2-3 RB, 3-5 WR, 1-3 TE, 1-3 DT, 2-4 DE, 2-4 LB, 2-3 CB, 2-3 S

- $50 through LeagueSafe

Open Team:


League settings and rules: https://www47.myfantasyleague.com/2024/options?L=18162&O=26

League scoring: https://www47.myfantasyleague.com/2024/options?L=18162&O=09

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Startup looking for 2-3 more people. $50/year with 3 years up front. Using LeagueSafe.

Also, league bylaws are on Google Drive.

Start 12 offense and 12 IDP with a Kicker for a little added fun/frustration.

Superflex, 3 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 2 Flex. PPR 0.75 TEP

4 DL, 4 LB, 4 DB

60 man rosters

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Free 16 team SF Sleeper league with IDP123 scoring, one opening. Start QSRRWWWTFK + 2 DL, 2 LB, 2 DB, 2 IDPFlex. https://sleeper.com/i/LQ13K7ddw7zE Team has:

Herbert, Stafford

crapass RBs

Hill, Allen, trash

useless TEs

Crosby, Hutchinson, Paye

Oluokun, L.Wilson, JOK, Baker

Some DBs

Picks 11th this year, has all picks over next three seasons, plus bonus 2nd round picks next two seasons.

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Hey folks, I run a 20 team redraft on CBS Sports. This fall will be year twelve. It's called the Dogpile and it's unique in many ways. I won't be recruiting until late July, but I usually have about 20% turnover, meaning roughly four openings each fall. This is the only league I run. Feel free to drop me an email if you want me to reach out late this summer.

This is King of the Hill style fantasy. The regular season is 17 weeks with no playoffs. The league consists of 20 teams. You play 1 matchup against the team next to you in the standings, every week, all season long. The 1st ranked team plays the 2nd ranked team, clear down to the 19th versus the 20th ranked teams. I re-seed the matchups manually each week to reflect the current standings. Fight your way to the top!

Week 1 rankings are the reverse of the draft order. Scoring is very low, and is done in whole numbers only. A good weekly score in the league is about 60. A bad score is around 45.

I've made the draft order a fun mini game in the pre-season. I publish a list of the previous twenty Super Bowl MVPs on the league page, and each one represents a randomized number, which is a draft slot. Once you pay dues, you pick one of those MVPs and I reveal which draft slot he's associated with. I blind draw them all in advance and hold the key. As commissioner, I get whichever one is left over. This also prevents the commissioner from having to behave as a collection agent. After all, fantasy is supposed to be fun, not work.

After week 11, any teams that are under .500 may declare for the Puppy Bowl, a total points only pool worth $50 (or free entry next year) that runs over the final six weeks.

Rosters: 18 starters, 7 reserves (weekly you start six offenders, a lousy kicker, and eleven defenders)

-Offensive starting options

(6 offensive starters):

QB 2RB 2WR TE (standard)

QB 2RB 3WR (no TE)

QB 2RB WR 2TE (jumbo)

QB RB 3WR TE (single back)

QB RB 4WR (4 wide)

QB RB 2WR 2TE (Colts)


-Defensive starting options

(11 defensive starters)

3DL 4LB 4DB (3-4)

3DL 3LB 5DB (3-4 nickel)

4DL 3LB 4DB (4-3)

4DL 2LB 5DB (4-3 nickel)

Owner Dues $60 x 20 = $1200 total treasury1st: $600

2nd: $300

3rd: $100

Euthanasia Tournament: $50

CBS Fee: $150

Steve Giles


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Looking for 2 more owners for a 4-man dispersal draft, $10 12tm SF halfPPR with PPFD, +1 TEP. Also 5 IDP roster spots (DL, LB, DB, 2 Flex). On Sleeper. 2024 is paid for; just have to pay 2025. Here's the dispersal list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17foawT6f0EQuLO0V2I_tecKpgysRPc4H4iTjXbq8shU/edit?usp=sharing To join: https://sleeper.com/i/JQWeVY56k370

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D & D (Defense & Dynasty) Best Ball Dynasty League. PPR/SF/TE Premium/IDP victory scoring. Need 1 more in ten-teamer: 10 start on O, 10 on D, 33-man bench. Startup slow draft starts Sat 7/13/24, vets AND rooks. $35 x 2 paid in advance:


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ISO 11/11 big 3 leagues on Sleeper.

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Chase, I have a league that may fit what you are looking for:


It’s a startup. Mildly reduced IDP scoring from Big 3. $50/year with 3 years up front, utilizing LeagueSafe for the monies, so hopefully you are within the US or Canada.

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Should also add that there are bylaws in a separate file on Google drive

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I currently have a 32 team league with real rosters. OLINE and punter points from PFF grade. We also manage actual contracts.

It’s a hand full but I honestly can’t imagine ever doing a 10 team standard fantasy again. With that said, IDP knowledge is huge and would love if there was more data on 32 league rankings. With both IDP and offense.

Anyway, I love the show and you guys are amazing.

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How and where, would I find a waitlist?

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Just keep an eye on this thread! The hope is people will share openings as they come up in their leagues.

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What is your format for contracts?

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