Big 3 Scoring

These are our preferred IDP scoring settings.

Below you will find The Big 3's preferred scoring settings for IDP leagues, along with a few thoughts on why certain scoring benchmarks were set. So, for all player evaluations or mock drafts on The IDP Show, you can assume this scoring system is being used.

Solo Tackles: 1.25

Rationale: Making a tackle is better than missing one, but don't overinflate tackle numbers to try and BaLaNcE the scoring. It's the most basic thing a defender does and is not indicative of whether a player is good or bad.

Assisted Tackles: 0.75

Passes Defended: 4


Force Fumble: 4

Rationale: Causing the fumble > scooping the fumble

Fumble Recovery: 3

Sack: 5

Rationale: Remember, when a player gets a sack, they typically get a QB hit AND a TFL on the play, too.

Sack Yards (if applicable): 1 yard = 0.1

Example: If the sack results in a loss of 6 yards, the defender gets an extra 0.6 points on top of the sack/QB hit/TFL.

QB Hit: 2

Tackle for Loss: 3

INT: 6

TD: 6

Safety: 5

Blocked Kick: 5

Return Yards (Offense/Special Teams): 1 yard = 0.1

Return Yards (Defense): 1 yard = 0.1

Example: If the defender intercepts the ball and returns it 30 yards, that is 3 points for the return.