IDP Duds After Week 2: Time to Panic?

Step into the Panic Room with us to determine which top-rated IDP assets who have disappointed through two weeks should have you worried.

There’s a fine line you have to walk early in a football season. You can’t overreact to the first few weeks—after all, it’s a LONG season. But still, you can’t entirely ignore what you’re seeing with your eyes (otherwise, why does the preseason exist?). There are some conclusions to draw, even if we shouldn’t make sweeping proclamations.

So, let’s take a trip into the Panic Room with some of the highest-rated players in IDP who’ve underperformed relative to expectations. Should we be worried? Or will they be fine? Join us as we look for the cold, hard truth amongst the hype of hubbub.

Defensive Line

Chase Young, Washington Football Team

Preseason PFF Rank: DE5

Week 1

  • Points: 9.75

  • Snaps: 86%

  • PFF Grade: 68.5

Week 2

  • Points: 6.75

  • Snaps: 91%

  • PFF Grade: 62.6

Panic Level: 3

Rationale: For redraft, we might have crowned Young too soon. He’s probably closer to DE 8-10, especially with that loaded Washington defensive line. He’s probably going to fluctuate a lot week-to-week as Montez Sweat, Jonathan Allen, and Daron Payne ball out. But for dynasty, we have no concerns. He’s still DE1.

Leonard Williams, New York Giants

Preseason PFF Rank: DE10

Week 1

  • Points: 9.75

  • Snaps: 77%

  • PFF Grade: 77.6

Week 2

  • Points: 5.52

  • Snaps: 80%

  • PFF Grade: 64.8

Panic Level: 4

Rationale: His snaps are up slightly from 2020 (when he played 73.6%), he’s highly paid, and there’s little competition on that defensive line. Those are all positives; don’t take this as an assassination of Williams’ IDP value! This panic rating is more about expectations—if he’s your DE1, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

He’s a mid-tier DE2. Don’t be blinded by his finish from 2020.

Grady Jarrett, Atlanta Falcons

Preseason PFF Rank: DT5

Week 1

  • Points: 0

  • Snaps: 76%

  • PFF Grade: 54.9

Week 2

  • Points: 3.5

  • Snaps: 68%

  • PFF Grade: 71.7

Panic Level: 7

Rationale: Ever since Jarrett got paid in 2019, his play has declined. His PFF grade was 90.1 in 2019, 80.2 in 2020, and now sits at 63.4 through two weeks of the 2021 season. He’s only had 2 pressures despite playing 72% of snaps, which is a healthy percentage for a DT. This team is bad, and if they go in the tank, how motivated is Jarrett going to be ball out? We see a lot of warning signs here.

Defensive Back

Jamal Adams, Seattle Seahawks

Preseason PFF Rank: S1

Week 1

  • Points: 6.00

  • Snaps: 100%

  • PFF Grade: 70.7

Week 2

  • Points: 8.50

  • Snaps: 100%

  • PFF Grade: 63.6

Panic Level: 0

Rationale: Absolutely zero concern. He’s playing 100% of snaps, just got paid (so there’s no threat of that rearing its ugly head this season), and 30 of his 88 snaps came in the box in Week 2’s overtime game against the Titans. The big games are coming. Be patient—and if someone wants to panic sell, MAKE THAT DEAL!

Jeremy Chinn, Carolina Panthers

Preseason PFF Rank: S4

Week 1

  • Points: 9.75

  • Snaps: 98%

  • PFF Grade: 55.5

Week 2

  • Points: 5.75

  • Snaps: 100%

  • PFF Grade: 63.4

Panic Level: 0

Rationale: Copy + paste the same rationale for Jamal Adams. Chinn’s role and usage haven’t changed. He’s still playing a ton of box snaps: 26 of 44 in Week 2. And playing 99% of the snaps so far, that tells us the big plays are coming. Don’t panic!

For a deeper dive on Chinn, check out Jon Macri’s video breakdown.

Landon Collins, Washington Football Team

Preseason PFF Rank: S11

Week 1

  • Points: 2.25

  • Snaps: 80%

  • PFF Grade: 56.9

Week 2

  • Points: 8.25

  • Snaps: 75%

  • PFF Grade: 42.2

Panic Level: 4

Rationale: You’d like to see the snaps a little higher for a big-name safety, but the usage has been encouraging so far. Collins is getting a healthy number of box snaps—49% in Week 1 and 40% in Week 2, so Kamren Curl didn’t steal that role. That said, it seems like Curl is lurking; plus, you have Bobby McCain in the mix.

Monitor Collins’ snaps closely as the season progresses. We’re worried he might get the rug pulled out from under him at some point—but until then, he’s a great S2 option for your IDP squad. Roll him out each week with confidence.


Darius Leonard, Indianapolis Colts

Preseason PFF Rank: LB2

Week 1

  • Points: 10.25

  • Snaps: 100%

  • PFF Grade: 71.3

Week 2

  • Points: 14.25

  • Snaps: 98%

  • PFF Grade: 64.7

Panic Level: 2

Rationale: The only reason to worry about a lock-and-loaded LB1 is his health. Leonard has admitted to dealing with an ankle injury that isn’t healing. We’re not sure if it’s the same ankle he had surgery on this summer. If the season gets away from the Colts, Leonard could be shut down for the season if needs another surgery.

Fantasy managers should look to shore up their LB position now before the five-alarm fire gets here if Leonard does hit IR. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen—but be prepared!

Zach Cunningham, Houston Texans

Preseason PFF Rank: LB7

Week 1

  • Points: 10

  • Snaps: 100%

  • PFF Grade: 27.7

Week 2

  • Points: 5

  • Snaps: 70%

  • PFF Grade: 55.0

Panic Level: 2

Rationale: There’s some weird stuff going on with Cunningham’s playing time. Plus, this is a rebuilding team and a new staff who are looking for players to build around—and with grades that BAD, Cunningham might not be part of their long-term plans.

He should be fine for redraft (he’s highly paid, so probably not getting benched), but we’re selling for dynasty. He feels like 2021’s Jaylon Smith (replaced in the draft).

Zaven Collins, Arizona Cardinals

Preseason PFF Rank: LB24

Week 1

  • Points: 2.5

  • Snaps: 34%

  • PFF Grade: 72.5

Week 2

  • Points: 9.25

  • Snaps: 41%

  • PFF Grade: 32.4

Panic Level: 6

Rationale: Don’t panic if you’re rostering Collins in dynasty. He’s going to be just fine in the middle of that Arizona defense. But there’s a chance he’s the 2021 version of Isaiah Simmons: stuck behind an incumbent he’s more talented than, but the coaches are opting for experience. There’s also a chance Jordan Hicks, who’s getting the run alongside Simmons, gets traded. But we can’t bank on that.

We’d say drop Collins in redraft, especially if you have a shallow bench.

To hear our discussion of these players, check out the podcast episode here.

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