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Welcome to The IDP Show! Hosts Josh Raymer, Adam Marcum, and Bobby Reynolds break down IDP fantasy football with their signature blend of humor, insightful analysis, and endearing Southern charm (yessir).

Join them and their friends from across the IDP landscape as they get you ready for fantasy football glory. From big names to breakouts across every position group (yes, even CBs), The IDP Show has you covered from offseason to postseason.

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From the offseason to the postseason, across every IDP position group, we've got you covered.


The #1 IDP podcast in the world, hosted by @joshraymer @adamidp @idpbob #FFIDP
As a 20 plus year veteran FFIDP player with well over 40 championships and an additional 50 plus 2nd/3rd place finishes I hope you'll join me for the best CB streaming advice there is!
IDP enthusiast. Husband. Father. Love talking IDP on X, @LateRoundDB
The IDP Show
Mike is an IDP veteran who's been playing in IDP fantasy leagues since 2007. He's been an IDP content creator since 2009 and has contributed content to sites like PFF and 4for4 Fantasy Football. Featured IDP writer and ranker at The IDP Show.
By day, I am a management professor at the University of Kentucky where I study and teach HR. I have been leveraging data to get an edge in fantasy football since I started playing "mail-in" leagues in the 1990s and IDP leagues in the mid 2000s.
Head of Analytics at The IDP Show
I’ve played fantasy football since 1992, playing in IDP leagues for 12 of those years.
Husband, boy dad x 2, teacher and of course seeking counseling for a fantasy football addiction! Contributor to The IDP After Show
Injury Analyst for the IDP Show
UK-based IDP obsessive. Big on family, travel, and sports in general. Sport journo undergrad. Terrible, but willing golfer. Talks waaaay too much
Host of The IDP Game Theory Podcast. Teaching fantasy football managers how to apply the science of decision-making to their fantasy leagues.
Hello friends. The fantasy football bug bit me back in 1996 when I was a senior at N.C. State. I've been writing about IDPs since 2020.
Canadian IDP enthusiast
Just a regular New Zealand dude who cares way too much about an American game based on an American game